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Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Retreat: Paros, Greece


September 15th to September 22nd  2018

Come explore Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation in a special, intimate six-day, seven-night retreat at Tao’s Center in Paros, Greece. During the six days of studio work, we will dig deep into yin and mindfulness meditation, weaving them together in our daily practice in the morning and afternoon, with some time for reflection and writing as well as walking meditation and some restorative yoga. We will also explore some principles of Buddhism — including the Four Foundations of Mindfulness and the Four Immeasurables.  The retreat will give you an opportunity to cultivate moment-to-moment awareness, deepen your yin and your mindfulness meditation practice. For those of you who have not been to Paros, it is one of the most magical Greek islands.

What’s included: 7 nights accommodation; 6 days of yoga and meditation classes; a shared car (every three participants) for exploring the island; 6 breakfasts and 7 dinners; special welcoming and closing night dinner.

What’s not included: airfare; a shuttle to and from the airport; any massages or treatments at the wellness center; cooking classes at the hotels, lunches and scooters.

Costs: Deposit of 250 Euros (non-refundable) or Canadian equivalent at time of payment is required to snag your spot. You can pay me either through e-transfer, international money order, PayPal, Visa or Mastercard. Installments on the deposit are possible and can be negotiated. Balance of retreat fee, which includes: 7 nights accommodation, yoga classes, car, daily breakfast and dinner, is to be paid to Taos Center when you check in.

Total price of retreat depends on the hotel you choose to stay in and whether it’s single or shared accommodation. You can choose either a single or shared (double) room at The Christiana or a single or shared (double) room at Margarita Studios.

Christiana Hotel:
Shared room: 694 Euros +250 Euro deposit = 944 Euros
• Single room: 764 Euros +250 Euro deposit = 1014 Euros

Margarita Studios:
• Shared room: 806 Euros +250 Euro deposit = 1056 Euros
• Single room: 939 Euros + 250 Euro deposit = 1189 Euros

Depending on the accommodation you choose that will be the sum you will pay upon check in at the Taos Center. So, for example if you want a single room at the Christiana you would first pay Debra Black the 250 Euros as a deposit; then pay Taos Center an additional 764 Euros in cash upon arrival on September 15th, 2018.

You can reach me at for any questions or call 416-571-3933. Or if you’re not in Canada you can contact the Taos Center directly for more information.

Participants can check in and register on September 15th and then we will all get to know each other at a Welcome Dinner at 7:30pm.