Jewel in the Lotus: Thoughts of a Yogini


I believe in the idea that “small is beautiful” and I prefer to teach small classes where students can dive deeply into the practice and learn not just about a pose but also the philosophy of yin, mindfulness meditation, Buddhism and Taoism. It’s a very different experience from taking a large studio class and I try to create a container or  space and time for students to dig deep and really learn to be present. My classes are not typical studio classes — they are in fact the antithesis of the commercialization of yoga. I want to give everyone the opportunity to experience the power of breath and the stillness of yin.

And so who am I? I am a registered yoga teacher with the Canadian Yoga Alliance and I’m currently studying with the California-based Insight Yoga Institute, founded by Sarah and Ty Powers. I’ve almost finished my 500 hour certification with IYI — just short half a course that I plan to take it in the next year. I love silent retreats, self-practice and early morning meditation. I’ve studied in depth with Sarah and Ty Powers, Paul and Suzee Grilley, Bernie Clark and meditation teachers at Insight Meditation Society as well as local teacher Tracey Soghrati. I have a Yoga Alliance 200 hour Vinyasa certification as well. But I wasn’t always a yoga teacher. To paraphrase Star Wars in a time long, long ago and far, far, away, I was a reporter for the Toronto Star. That is until I turned to yoga, yin and meditation to deal with the stress of daily reporting and my life changed.  I am passionate about all things yogic and poetic and am interested in justice and politics. I hope to spread my love of yin and meditation to my students.


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Photos by my friend and incredible photographer Richard Lautens. Jewel in the Lotus photograph by me.