Jewel in the Lotus: Thoughts of a Yogini

“It’s my wish to spread the love, joy, light and equanimity of yoga and meditation to ever increasing circles of people in the hopes that one day we can all change the world and fill it with love.”

What students are saying?

“I have to recommend my friend and yoga teacher Debra Black‘s workshops! Yin and Mindfulness Meditation was AMAZING. Very grounding and peaceful, as well as full of information and learning. Thank you so much Debra for the inspiration and light. Namaste!” Michele Guevara

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the class today. I felt looser and freer in my body and mind afterwards. The “undoing” as the focus of yin really resonates with me.” Trish Comber

“Yoga to the max! Debra is a very well-versed yoga teacher and is extremely knowledgeable in all types of yoga. Will you love her classes? Absolutely. I leave class with a renewed calm in my life – re-energized and healthy. Thank you Debra for bringing the joy of yoga to my life.” Carol Malinas